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Dan Persigehl

Voice Actor and Marketing Strategist

Hi! I’m Dan. I’ve spent most of my life enjoying every minute of being a voice actor and voice talent. I have lived all over the country but currently live in Scottsdale, AZ. with my wife Molly and sons Will & Jack…  and our two chocolate labs Coco and Roxy.

  • *State of the art studio  (photo)
  • Author of the Sunday NY Times featured “How to turn your small business into a Category of One” (graphics)
  • Host of the podcast “Digital Marketing Today… the Salem Surround way”  (logo)
  • 25+ years as a Professional Voice Actor & Voiceover talent you do
  • 20+ years as a Professional Copywriter & Marketing strategist
  • 25+ years as a top rated on-air radio host
  • 25+ years as a Public Speaker

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